Thursday, March 6, 2008

Welcome to the Blog!

Hello and welcome to the blog. AnimalWork is a job-matching site for all humane animal-related jobs, created by animal people, for animal people. My name is Miry Whitehill, I am the director of AnimalWork and the author of this blog. I have a two-year-old black labrador named Leroy who loves the beach and reggae music.

Here's why AnimalWork is so special:

  1. We're the internet's first animal-friendly jobsite. We donate a portion of all sales to animal welfare and rescue organizations around the country.
  2. We specialize in humane jobs. Our job categories include caretaking, veterinary medicine, grooming, training, animal welfare & protection, and much more.
  3. A new generation of job-matching technology. Powered by RealMatch, a world leader in recruitment techonology, AnimalWork matches employers and qualified candidates in real time, making recruitment efficient and hassle-free.
On our blog, I will discuss AnimalWork site updates, news in the animal employment industry, link to our animal-friendly partners and affiliates, and post any other fun or interesting animal-related stories I come across.

You are welcome to contact me with stories/info that you think I should post.

Be Pawsitive!


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